السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

In line with government guidance, insha’Allah Masjid al Falah will reopen for congregational prayers from Fajar Salah on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

The arrangements will insha’Allah continue to be the same as those prior to this second lockdown. It is imperative we strictly follow the previously set out guidelines at all times. For further details read more…

Please be aware the Masjid will open approximately 15 minutes before each Salah time.

Jummah Salah arrangements:

  1. First Jamaat: Adhan @ 12.15pm, followed by time for sunnah, then Khutbah & Jamat Salah.
  2. Second Jamaat: Khutbah & Jamat salah @ 1.10pm.

Madrassah arrangements:

Face to face Madrassah activities will recommence from Wednesday 2nd December. A letter outlining Madrassah arrangements will be sent out to parents of pupils attending the Madrassah. Please follow Madrassah guidance as per this letter.

We pray to Allah swt for aafeah and protection during these difficult times. Ameen

جزاكم ٱللَّٰهُ خيرًا

Masjid Al Falah Committee