Ref: Jumu’ah Salah at Masjid Al Falah, Leicester (Arrangements from 30/10/2020 until further notice. Subject to review/change during winter months. Please check Masjid Notice Board & Masjid website for updated information. Jzk)

  1. First Jumu’ah – Azan at 12.05 noon, followed by Sunnah salah & Khutba & salah.

(Masjid Opens at 11.45)

  1. Second Jumu’ah – 1.00pm Khutba Azan (Please arrive before 1.00pm for praying Sunnah Salah – Masjid Opens at 12.45pm)

Note: These Jumu’ah timings will be in effect from Friday, the 30th October….until further notice.

Jazakallahu Khayrun