1. Those who have symptoms of the virus should not attend and self-isolate. Those who are suffering from Flu like symptoms with cough, fever and sneezing should remain at home, pray at home and seek immediate Medical advice.

2. Those who are aged 70 and above (regardless of medical conditions) or those under 70 with any underlying health conditions or have underlying medical conditions should not attend the masjid.

3. All worshipers are requested to bring their own Musalla (Prayer Mat), use it for prayer and please take it away home (which should be regularly washed at home).
Please DO NOT leave your Musalla in the Masjid. Musallas left in the Masjid will be immediately removed and disposed of.

4. Please do your Wudhu at home – the Whudu & toilet facilities are available only for emergency use. Towel and drying facilities have been removed from the Masjid.

5. Children under the age of 11 must not be brought to the masjid. Instead encourage them to pray at home.

6. Keep all coats/jumpers outside the Jamaat Khana. Please use the coat hanging facilities in the corridors.

7. All musallees are requested to wash their hands upon entering the Masjid

8. All facilities will be kept ventilated during Salaah times.

9. Perform all Sunnah and Nafl Salaah at home. This has additional virtues as narrated in Ahaadith.