Madrassah Falahe Darain

At Madrassah Falahe Darain we provide Islamic education encompassing the importance of social responsibilities and etiquettes, the importance and value of both religious and academic knowledge. We provide a safe environment and aim to inspire and aspire our students to become well-rounded, law-abiding, responsible adults who contribute positively to society.

Madrassah Falahe Darain was established in 1980. The running of the madrassah is overseen by the Islamic Education Trust. Classes are run on weekday evenings from 5pm till 7pm and 7.30pm for Hifz classes, for children aged from 5 years, we also have classes for adults.

With this in mind, we offer flexibility to our students when it comes to school/college exams/coursework and work commitments. Madrassah Falahe Darain undertakes its responsibilities towards you and your children very seriously. We consider your child and their time to be an Amanah and we strive to ensure every child gains the best value of their time at the Madrassah.



Our Madrassah team of experienced teachers aim to provide a quality learning experience to the children making lessons educational and interactive, keeping children engaged in learning about Islam and how to practically implement what they learn. Teachers are regularly trained to ensure they are implementing the most up-to-date teaching practices. All staff are DBS checked and have undergone child protection and first aid training. The girls’ classes are taught by female teachers and the boys by male teachers.


The lessons are taught in accordance with a modern syllabus geared towards making learning engaging and relevant for our students.

  • Teaching of the Quran with tajweed rules
  • Fiqh, Aqaid, Hadith, Akhlaaq, Adaab, Tarikh, Seerah (using the Islamic Curriculum provided by An Nasihah Publications)
  • Memorisation of Kalimas, Duas and Surah
  • Practical learning of wudhu, salaah etc.

Our classes are arranged by age and the content delivered has been tailored to ensure that what our children learn is suitable and relevant to them to apply.


Examinations are held twice a year, the first at the middle of the year and the second at the end of the Madrassah year. Please check the Term Dates calendar for the exact dates. Our students are given revision time and awarded prizes for their achievements and efforts at assemblies.


We believe that parents should have an active role in their child’s development in religious education, academic education and life in general. We encourage parents to help their children with homework activities and practice their lessons at home. Emphasis is placed on parents to ensure that their children do their homework regularly, arrive on time and behave according to the rules of the Madrassah.
Parents Evenings are held twice a year after examinations where parents can meet our teachers to discuss the progress of their child and identify areas of improvement.


At the Madrassah we promote simplicity of actions and appearance. We encourage children to follow the Sunnah in their appearance and encourage them to be comfortable and confident in their own appearance. We have an easy to follow uniform which consists of jubba/abaya for girls and jubba/kurta for boys. For more details view our rules and regulations here.

Application Procedure

Application forms can be collected from the Masjid office during Madrassah time or after salaah times. The form can also be downloaded from here.

Completed forms must be returned with relevant documentation to the Masjid office. Once returned all applications are placed on a waiting list. Once a place is available we will contact the parents to confirm the place and start date. We accept applications from age 5 upwards. Due to the lessons covered, limited spaces and Madrassah academic year, it is difficult for us to accept new students once the year has started. We try our best to accommodate every child but considering these factors we strongly encourage parents to complete and return forms to us before the Madrassah year has begun.

Fees are £40 per month for boys Hifz classes and £30 per month for all other students.  Fees are collected for 10 months on the first Monday of each Month. We strongly encourage parents to pay by lump sum or in instalments as it greatly reduces the time spent in collecting fees every month.

For more details and information on the application process please call the Madrassah office on 0116 2511833