Appeal No. 1 :– Supporting Masjid Al Falah (Lillah)
For the maintenance and running costs of Masjid and Madrasah

Appeal No. 2 : Sadqah/Zakat
The amount collected from this Appeal will be distributed in supporting a few deserving Madrasahs and Darul Ulooms in poor localities, Orphanages, Food packs for poor families (including retired Ulema), Palestinian and Syrian orphans.

Appeal No. 3 : Fitrana – £3.00 Per Person
Eid Food packs for poor families, widows and orphans.

Appeal No. 4 : Eid Celebration with NHS Hospital Staff
We intend to offer Eid Mubarak with sweet boxes for the three City Hospitals in Leicester – Saying thank you on behalf of Leicester Muslim Community for their services.

Please post your donations, in a sealed envelope, clearly indicating Appeal No.
through the Mosque letter Box. Please Donate Generously.

You can also make Lillah donations online or by cheque. See details here