By the grace and mercy of Allah swt we are once again fortunate enough to observe the Holy month. Unfortunately, we will have restrictions in place for the safety of all worshippers. The management will try its best to accommodate maximum number of attendees and we request you to comply with our volunteers.

Alhamdulillah Tarawih will take place in the Masjid:

  • Please do not arrive at the Masjid more than 15 minutes before Jamaat time.
  • Face mask – you must wear a full-face mask covering the nose and mouth before you enter the Masjid.
  • Prayer mat – please bring your own or use one provided.
  • Iftar – please bring your own Khajoor but do not share with fellow worshippers. Water bottles will be provided but you must not leave half empty bottles behind. Take all rubbish home and dispose.
  • Do not bring any other food to consume in the Masjid.
  • You must not pray outside the Masjid. Doors will be closed when the Masjid is full. Please do not knock on the doors in order to gain entry. You will need to go home and pray. Insha’Allah you will be rewarded.
  • You must not attend if you have any Covid-19 symptoms which includes high temperature, continuous cough, change in taste or smell.
  • You must not attend if your household/bubble have been contacted by NHS track and trace and been asked to isolate.
  • Please do not attend if you are vulnerable and over 65 years of age.
  • No children under 12 to attend Tarawih in the masjid.
  • Please cooperate fully with our volunteers
  • Wudhu and toilet facilities are for emergency use only.
  • Between Asar and Maghrib please remain seated in your place.
  • If you are doing Iftar at home, we suggest performing Maghrib salaah at home too, to avoid the last-minute rush in the masjid.
  • Please fill in the track and trace slips and sanitize your hands on arrival. The management are compliant with GDPR so your information is secure.
  • The management will carry out risk assessments every week and therefore arrangements may change in the interest of everyone.