Alhamdulillah the crescent for Ramadan 1441 has been sighted, therefore, the 1st of Ramadan has been confirmed by the Jamiaat Ul Ulema, Britain as Friday the 24th of April 2020, therefore, the first Taraweeh will be tonight (Thursday 23rd April 2020).

However, unfortunately, services in Masjid Al Falah are suspended for the Public, due to coronavirus.

Everyone should be reading at home in jamat or atleast individually as taraweeh is still sunnah muakadah. Azaan, Esha and Taraweeh & other programmes will be transmitted via Masjid Receiever as usual Insha Allah.

We pray that all of you have a Blessed and fruitful Ramadan and Allah Accepts all our Ibaadaat in this Blessed month.

Masjid Al Falah